Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm so glad to be part of the Internet.

I'll probably attend the 4Chan panel at Otakon this year because I'll finally be 18+. I need to express my love for the Internet while hoping I don't get raped because I'm female. >:D Girls don't go on the Internet, according to /b/.

Speaking of, yesterday I went on /y/ for the first time and became scarred for life. It was, to put it mildly, an enlightening experience.

Anyway, I was sick and stayed home from school today (missing 3 out of my 5 AP classes, haha), and I wasted my time by researching the Scientology protest held in London yesterday.

This post on LiveJournal pretty much sums it up from what I've seen.

I also stole a lovely macro from above post:

Obviously, the Internets are becoming an army that cannot be defeated, even by Tom Cruise.

Lastly, a video that I feel is very important to this research (be sure to listen to the music in the backgroud):

Scientology got RickRoll'd.

Edit: This is absurdly random, but I need to frickin' gain weight.

Or at least not have a pelvis that can stab anyone within a two-foot radius.

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