Thursday, February 21, 2008

I should be doing AP Human Geography homework... fact, I have it on my lap right now, and the page with the assignment is minimized. :D

However, I suddenly got the urge to do a small review of the new Berryz Koubou PV 'Dschinghis Khan'. :3

It seems that Hello!Project fandom is outright torn between absolutely adoring and downright despising this song; I fit into the former category. I think this PV is Berryz at their finest. It's no 'Special Generation' or 'Jiriri Kiteru', but it seems a little like 'Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND' to me in that it's playful and quirky.

Here 'tis:

Their voices seem a little high-pitched and nasally at first, but it's grown on me, and now it seems to fit the song. 0_0 Weird, I know, considering it was sung by a German group decades ago, and now it's being covered by a random teen Japanese girl-group.

The Berryz girls are looking really good here; no one looks fugly, which is an improvement from that new C-ute PV. All the girls in Berryz are quite pretty, actually. The yellow-and-green combo outfit even fits the PV now, to me, and I normally hate that color combination.

The PV itself may be low-budget (but which recent H!P PV isn't, really, 'Tokkaiko Junjou' aside), but I still really like it. The mini-wotas are funny, and Berryz looks like they're truly having a good time performing in front of said mini-wotas. The PV opens originally, too, with those repeated-shot scenes of Yurina, Risako, and Miyabi.

Chinami and Saki totally rule this PV, though, which makes me extremely happy. Saki was always a Berryz favorite, and Chinami, when she gets exposure, is really cool. It's nice to see the focus shifted away from Risako, Miyabi, Momoko, and Yurina, and we can see a bit more of Saki, Chinami, and Maasa. (Plus, Risako's voice grates on my nerves sometimes, and her having the last line kind of irked me. SAKI PLZ.)

That said, Momoko's solo line was SPECTACULAR. She had the pen-ultimate solo line, and she completely rocked it; her voice is normally so high, and she sounded fantastic here. You could tell she tried really hard, and she pulled it off. Momoko is simply awesome that way. >:D

...Chinami does so many "ghetto" moves during her hallway shots; it's so funny. :D

While I do really like C-ute (mostly because of Maimi, I would like to be her friend in real-life, we're only a year apart after all), and I discovered C-ute before I discovered Berryz Koubou, the Berryz will always have my allegience among the H!P Kids groups. For this single in particular, if they had been competing in Rock Band (haha, stupid Alyson, you shouldn't make references to your real life when discussing JPop), they would have received the "Most Gutsy" award. I don't think C-ute, or even Momusu, could've pulled this off, and Tsunku knew that.

Good game, Berryz. Don't listen to the haters, you're too good for them.

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