Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So. I decided the best kind of birthday party that one could possibly have.

One and one's guests would do this, with a verse for every person invited. Those shiny/plaid outfit-creatures could even be worn, and an actual train would be implemented.

Even guys could participate~!

I'm having a laser-tag party at the beginning of June, but if I knew a way to produce something like this and get it filmed, I WOULD SO DO THAT INSTEAD.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tune Up's 'Bounce'~!




Monday, April 21, 2008

A rather lengthy and tedious personal entry.

The title says it all: I'm going to talk about myself, and there will be pictoral elaboration. ☆

Anyway. I went up to New York City last week with my Spanish class and another Spanish class, and we saw a Spanish-dance show at the Repertorio Español. We also ate some Cuban cuisine; and by we, I mean people other than myself. I, personally, enjoyed a turkey sandwich and french fries. I HAVE A REASON FOR BEING SO STINGY, THOUGH: I have a wisdom tooth coming in, and it hurts like a beast. D:

We then split up into three groups and wandered around the city. A lot of the girls in my group, though (they're those annoying, "Like, OMG!111!1", I-want-to-beat-them-in-the-face kind of girls) stopped at purse vendors ON EVERY BLOCK. OH MY FRICKIN' LORD. My two friends and I, not to mention all the guys in the group, were pretty fed up by the end of the walk. We did go in this awesome toy-store, though. The escalators there were so amazing, I had to ride them several times. ♥

Here are some pictures from the trip:

This was obviously taken from inside the coach-bus, but I took it to show what a nice day it was. :3

Me attempting to be patriotic. (I actually just thought the dusky-sunlight aspect of the scene was aesthetically-pleasing...)

This image seems very French to me. I love the blooming tree with the fire escapes in the background.

I ♥ NY. Especially Times Square.

More Times Square love. ♪

I'm actually going back up to NYC in two days (on Wednesday) with my Orchestra class, and I'm seeing this musical. I get to miss a practice AP Calc. test that day for this. :D :D :D

My pitiful and blurry attempt at snagging a pic. of the Rock Band advertisement.

I did get a good shot of the 'America's Next Top Model' poster, though. :DV

My friend, Laura, wanted a picture (albeit, it's a terrible one) of this Asian guy that could smoke and play the drums AT THE SAME TIME, LOLWHUT.

I took this because it represents where I am in life.


I found this mystical floating apple outside of the toy-store I mentioned earlier. It was pretty epic. (Note Central Park in the background.)


I took this picture of my program from the Spanish-dance show after I had gotten home.

On a more rural (and random) note, I also have some pics. from a horse farm (hahaha, I'm so technical) that my friend rides at. I went to go pick her up before we went over to our friend's house for a movie&hot-tub night, and while I sat in the car and waited for her (like a pansy, but there was good reason), I snapped some shots of horses:

See, I really did sit in the car on a perfectly nice day. WELL, ABOUT THAT. I'd just like to say that, at one point, a group of probably seven full-grown horses rampaged (I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING) at my (dad's) car after what my friend Kristen claimed was an "accident", said "accident" involving A BUNCH OF WILD BEASTS GETTING OUT OF THEIR PENS AND CHARGING THE EXACT AREA WHERE I WAS. I just kinda watched in horror as they flew at the passenger window; good thing they all swerved at the last minute. IT WAS QUITE THE SCARRING EXPERIENCE.

A nice, tame, non-rampaging horse-creature.

Now, like I said last entry (by the way, rain washed my chalk-message away! oh woe!), my Senior Prom was two nights ago, and it was surprisingly pretty epic. I went date-less, which was a plus in my book. I had gone with a date to previous dances (with my ex-boyfriend, specifically), and I hated the 'little lost puppy' act that he put on. Thus, I decided that to have a truly good time, I would need to go without anyone following me and dance with whomever I wanted. :D

I went with five of my best girl-friends, and I, personally, know that I had a good time. We went out and had pasta for dinner (I even tried some of my friend Caitlin's escargot, and it was good!). We got to drink sparling cider in the limo and put gospel music on bass! (Please to be catching the sheer mockery present in that last statement.)

The Prom itself was at Martin's Eastwind, a really fancy place down near Baltimore. As soon as we got there and through the door, we all rushed to the bathroom (I was basically dying from the need to urinate), and IT WAS THE FANCIEST BATHROOM I HAD EVER SEEN.

Unexpectedly, the DJ was pretty freakin' awesome. Of course, he did play 'Soulja Boy', which was stupid and inevitable, but he played some awesome songs to make up for it. HE ACTUALLY PLAYED SOME DAFT PUNK. I could've cried from sheer joy. 'Around the World' is even one of my favorite Daft Punk songs! He also played 'Sandstorm', a freakin' UNBELIEVABLY STELLAR techno song. I danced like a fiend to this one. :3

I even, uh, uhm, grinded for the first time (I normally scorn this activity). 0_o It wasn't really my choice, though. I was boppin' to the beat by myself at one point, and my friend basically pulled me on top of him. This was where I remained for pretty much the rest of the night, and I can say I actually enjoyed myself. >:D

However, when our designated Prom slow song came on, my close friend Laura and I ran wildly out into the lobby to fetch our friends Caitlin and Alyssa (I don't know why they were out there...) We have all been best friends since seventh grade (five years now), and so we all danced in a square-orgy-thing, hahahaha, to the slow song. :DV

Then, it was back to grinding. :D :D :D We even had a nine-person line at one point, AND THE CAMERA-CREW FILMING EVERYTHING CAUGHT THIS SPECTACLE, I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WATCH THAT MOVIE.

Anyway, here's two pics. of the four of us who have been friends for five years, one from New Year's Eve (spent in Baltimore's Inner Harbor) and one from the actual day of Prom outside of our friend Stacey's house:

Us standing on top of Federal Hill with Baltimore's Inner Harbor sky-line in the background. :D Order from left to right: Laura, Me, Alyssa, Caitlin.

We made sure to line up in the same order. :3

Nostagically enough, several times throughout the night, I kept looking up into the mirror above the dance floor and marveling at how I still looked exactly like I did when I was four years-old. ♡

We had an After-Prom Party at our town's athletic club from one until five in the morning. I basically wandered around talking to various friends and cohorts, tried to comprehend the various gambling games set up on the indoor track, played a little Rock Band, wrote some thank-you letters to sponsors, ate a doughnut, repeatedly ran at one of those velcro-walls in a full-body velcro-suit, stumbled down to the pool area and sat near the hot-tub, and then attempted to stay awake. I tried to earn a lot of tickets to put into the WIN A CAR bin, but I didn't win. EVEN THOUGH I EVENTUALLY PUT ABOUT THIRTY TICKETS IN FOR IT. D: D: D:

I even skipped school today to catch up on my sleep. And instead of doing anything shocking, I TOOK COLLEGE PLACEMENT TESTS, ME LITTLE REBEL ME.


I marathoned this show within a span of three days over winter break, and absolutely nothing happened in the plot the entire time. :D :D :D It was quite the trip.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom is today....

Other than that, look what I drew in my driveway!

You can't really see it, but I drew a large peace sign with the word 'peace' under it, and then 'peace' written around this in eight other languages (Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Korean).

I'm such a little liberal.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm at a quandry.

I don't know whether or not /b/ has taken things too far with this.

I do feel like a terrible person for laughing at some of those pictures, though.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This is exactly what I had been waiting for! ♪

The song has always been completely and utterly awesome, and now I love the PV! I liked the dance well enough, but my thoughts on the PV as a whole (mainly the various members' amount of shots, or lack thereof) were iffy.


I'm so glad I ordered this single! I even got the edition with the Studio Shot Version (Limited Edition B), which looks like it'll be awesome. :D


I took a break from writing this (approximately a seven-hour break), and now I'm tired.

I was going to post a lot more about this PV (it's definitely in my top 5 of Momusu PVs, maybe even my top 3!), but it's so late, so I'll just say a few things.

Koharu was SO impressive. I loved her interview parts.

This song really fits Reina and Aika. I think it suits them the most. Their night-scenes were the most effective, in my opinion.

I especially loved how the "Help me! Help me! Help me..." lines (near the end) were played, and the PV showed only Reina's face; it seemed to imply that while she was staring the camera in the eye (read: lens), inside, she was crying out for help. I think that this PV portrays all the girls as being full of a "resounding sadness", but they keep up a facade. The end shows all of them standing and just staring at the camera, and I love that part. It shows that while walking, waiting for the train, eating with friends, working out, being at an amusement park with friends, getting a ride home, and even being interviewed and featured in the spotlight, a person can feel an echoing despair inside.

I really love this PV. Like I said, I always loved the song and the dance, but now I love how the studio-version dance is interchanged with the original dance-version, and the lonely shots of all of the members more than give off the essence of this song.

Then, Reina even smirks at the end before walking off, almost like she may feel all of this sadness, but the last thing she'll ever do is show it, despite the inward calls for help, much less show it to the person watching the PV. She's going to continue keeping up the facade.

I adore this PV so much!

This should mark a new generation in Momusu's history. ★

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Let's clear this out of the way: I'm not an Only13-fangirl-obsessive-psycho-creature™, but I do have some sentiments toward the thirteen members that I have come to think of as Super Junior. I've got nothing against Henry and this Zhou Mi kid, but it feels kinda weird seeing these two acting as members of Super Junior (rather than Henry acting in 'Don't Don' as merely the "violin kid").

That's where the I-guess-but-maybe-not-really-I-might-just-be-biased-toward-the-original-'U'-"cast" feeling of "hate" came from; it's not really grounded.

On the other hand...this is one of the absolutely hottest things I have seen in quite some time.

The song:
The song sounds the same, obviously, as it's a cover, and Ryeowook and KyuHyun were added to Super Junior M most likely because of their voices. They sound stellar, and it seems that the two of them (and maybe DongHae) get the abundance of lines.

ShiWon and Hankyung get the first and second solos, respectively, just like in the original, which is awesome. Then Ryeowook gets his solo, and then I stopped caring really about the distribution. :D

I know KyuHyun took HeeChul's solo, which he executed nicely and all, but...he's no HeeChul.


The MV:
I adore the black&white! The ceiling/floor in the dance-shot is kinda odd, but it's also still cool nonetheless. Sometimes, it looks like the setting is an airport, though.

I have always loved the use of mirrors to increase the aesthetic value of basically anything, and it works here very well.

I like the suits.

Both versions of 'U' have random girls (well, somewhat random) in them, but in this one, THE GIRL IS INTERACTED WITH, WUT.

I agree with the hordes of fangirls in that the hands-on-shoulder swivel-move line at the end is pretty epic. At least, it's boyband epic.

The members:

HanGeng/HanKyung - I thought this would be his MV, being the Chinese SuJu member and all, but DongHae, Ryeowook, and KyuHyun appear more than he does. D: However, in my opinion, he ties for hottest/most charismatic here. He is the first one shown entirely, and he gets a dance solo! His first black&white shot at the beginning is also amazing. I love his expression when he whips his head around at :11-:12.

ShiWon: Eh, he's always been kinda mediocre for me, and he's mediocre to me here, too. I mean, he's cool and all, but he doesn't really stick out. He does get the first line, though, just like in the original.

RyeoWook: He looks like such a baby here! I know he's the baby of SuJu and all, and maybe it's the hair-style, but seriously. He looks like he could break. His voice is completely fantastic, though, and he carries out all his difficult lines while looking like an angel the entire time (3:04-:05, for instance).

KyuHyun: He sings marvelously, and he gets a lot of shots, but, like ShiWon, he doesn't really stand out to me. I can't explain why. I was just kinda like "Oh, there's KyuHyun. Ryeowook looks cute. KyuHyun again. DONGHAE. Oh, Kyuhyun."

DongHae: Easily my favorite in this MV. I'm slightly biased, but so what. >:D He looks, dare I say it, beautiful here. I also love his rap (he raps second (originally KiBum's), Zhou Mi is first); when did his voice get so deep?! He ties with HanKyung for the most charismatic (you tell me that 1:18-:25 isn't just oozing charisma!)

Henry: YAY, VIOLIN KID. He gets a violin solo here (which is rockin'), and he sings really well! He's also very, very adorable (3:38)! I think he has a lot of potential, but I don't know how he should, uh, fulfill said potential.

Zhou Mi: I don't really know a lot about this kid. Not to sound rude (not like I already haven't before though, haha), but this guy is pretty fugly. He sings/raps well, but his eyes scare me. His overall face scares me, actually.


YET. Nothing can really compare to the original 'U'. I guess it's this way with all covers (I kinda liked H.O.T's 'Haengbok' more than SuJu's, even), and I always have liked the original better than any sequel in regard to movies and books.

The original 'U' was the first Super Junior MV I ever saw (after I typed 'Super Junior' into the DailyMotion search and clicked the first thing that came up), and I loved it DESPITE ITS EXTREMELY TYPICAL BOYBAND AURA.

I remember scanning YouTube comments (there. were. thousands. my. lanta.) to specifically find out who the girly boy with the tarot card was that I had fallen in love with upon my very first viewing (it was HeeChul, obviously!), and it all went downhill, or uphill, whichever, from there.

Without further ado, the original, because it holds a super-special place in my fangirl heart:

I forgot just how much I enjoy eyeliner!KiBum's presence.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008



In other news, I wish to infiltrate 2ch.

Edit: SUPER JUNIOR M, WUT. This new 'U' MV (now in Chinese!) has developed a love/hate relationship with me. I'M A CONFUSED FANGIRL RIGHT NOW.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Calculus homework.

It deeply bores me, so while trying to finish it, I look up sex offenders online to pass the time.

There are a lot of child molestors in my area. One guy even was caught dealing in child pornography. D:

On a slightly more upbeat note, I also distracted myself from this load of asinine Calc. homework by jumping and flailing around for my brother. He is going to make a video after the style of the AWESOME SLOW-MO WORK of Arashi's 'Step&Go' PV. I flailed around in the house, kicking and punching the air, and my brother's outside now jumping off trees and the like. I KNOW HE HARBORS A LOVE FOR JPOP, IT'S JUST LATENT.

He even got footage of our cat flying through the air, courtesy of my throwing him (read: basically flinging him directly after waking him up from a nap) onto the couch.

He said he can slow all this stuff like in Arashi's video. I HOPE HE CAN, even though it won't be high-res. The slow-mo shots were what I loved about this PV.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If I were a guy (and Korean), I would want to look just like DongHae and act just like HeeChul, both of whom are from SuJu. :D

Especially in this MV, these two pwn the universe.

DongHae starts off the song (he's at the very front at the extreme start; the first one focused on entirely, and he's wearing dark clothes), and he's seen several times throughout the whole thing; I follow him the most, really.

And, then there's HeeChul. My frickin' FAVORITE SuJu member from Day One. He sings at :57, which starts off the second verse. Then, he also starts off the last verse, and he sticks his tongue out. HE IS SUCH A CAMERA-WHORE, BOTH VIDEO AND NORMAL, AND I WISH I COULD TRAVEL TO KOREA AND FIND HIM.

That's not to say it wouldnt't be awesome to be him as well. Or at least have that awesome personality, as a I mentioned before. HE PUTS ON THE PANDA HEAD AT THE END AFTER BASICALLY RIPPING IT FORCEFULLY OFF OF (SPOILER--->) LEETEUK'S (<---SPOILER) HEAD.

Plus, the MV is funny because SungMin in that red thing amuses me to no end.

I love me some Korean children dancing outside of a school to promote a movie about school-boys and feces, that I do.