Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hai thar.

Been pretty busy lately, uh, doing productive, uh, stuff, sure. I definitely HAVE NOT been alternately sleeping and watching all things AKB48. NUH-UH.


Just getting around to actually getting on the Internet today. It was the infamous String Day in school, where OrchDorks of all ages, from the little tyke that can still turn back and switch to band to yours truly, one of the six seniors (AKA the old and ~*AWE-INSPIRING*~ ones, thank you very much), gather together to have a community string orgy.

That is to say, we all play with one another.

It was truly joyful. I got to wear all black and have it be part of the dress code. When you wear all black in school, people tend to stereotype (not that that has really stopped me in the past because I find stereotypes stupid and pointless).

And because JMusic is a way of life, Perfume's 'Polyrhythm'. :3

Edit: An important note. Today I also video recorded myself lip-synching to Koharu's 'HAPPY!'. I honestly don't know where I find this time, considering I also did a beast-load of Calculus homework today, too.

I, um, might've worn pigtails for the spectacle.

And hugged a giant pink star mogu pillow.

And used a heart "Peep" as a prop, which I later ate at the end.

Remember, though, this is all speculation.


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