Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a cool kid now!

I got me some Hello!Project rankings! :DV Thanks in entirety to Hello!Blog.

Haha, I bet the curiosity is running rampant. :3 So without further ado...

Morning Musume:

1. Niigaki Risa 2. Michishige Sayumi 3. Mitsui Aika 4. Kamei Eri 5. Li Chun ( JunJun) 6. Qian Lin (LinLin) 7. Kusumi Koharu 8. Tanaka Reina 9. Takahashi Ai
It wasn't too hard to pick my Momusu favorites; I have the few that I adore (Niigaki, Michishige, Mitsui, Kamei), the two Pandas in the middle (JunJun, LinLin), and the few that I really dislike (Kusumi, Tanaka, Takahashi). Obviously, I rate the under-appreciated highest, the mediocre ones in the middle, and the front girls dead last. So, yeah. I pretty much knew how my ranking would turn out before I even did this.

Berryz Koubou:

1. Kumai Yurina 2. Tsugunaga Momoko 3. Shimizu Saki 4. Tokunaga Chinami 5. Sugaya Risako 6. Natsuyaki Miyabi 7. Sudou Maasa
Oh my freakin' lord, this was so hard. I love all these girls so much, and so it was really hard to put them in any order. So, I basically just threw them together by who I would like to be friends with. :D


1. Yajima Maimi 2. Arihara Kanna 3. Suzuki Airi 4. Nakajima Saki 5. Okai Chisato 6. Umeda Erika 7. Hagiwara Mai
C-ute was quite the opposite of Berryz. The first and last places (Yajima and Hagiwara) were definite for me, and as for those in the middle (Arihara, Suzuki, Nakajima, Okai, Umeda), I just kinda threw them in a semi-random order. By semi-random, I mean that I ordered the middle girls by who I thought fit into the group the most.



Radicalpatriot said...

Right on for Risa, but I had Hagitty No. 1 for C-ute! One out of two isn't bad!

Stupid Iz-iot said...

Yay, a Risa fan! No one likes Risa anymore; they all seem to hate her, and I really don't know why. D:

Because you're a Risa fan, I'll forgive you for liking MaiMai. >:D