Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm not supposed to like Koharu!

So why am I suddenly finding her absolutely adorable (even though she's only two years younger than me) when I used to adamantly abhor her very existence? She used to be the Morning Musume member that I felt deserved to be in the group the least ("Miracle Ace, my anus," I used to think), and now I am beginning to see her rightful place there. I think Takitty and Reina are beginning to fall below her, and she has risen to something like 7th place out of 9, which is pretty respectable for Koharu considering how I used to, y'know, hate her. A lot.

This is exactly what happened with Risako of Berryz Koubou! My first impressions are terrible indicators of my eventual favorites, apparently.

So, in honor of Koharu rising on my Momusu favorites roster (I can't believe this is happening...), I present the video that led her to this accomplishment (as if 'Chance!' wasn't enough, which was when I first thought, "Hey, she might be worth something after all..."):

Sometimes I think this is why I feel so much happier than all my peers; I listen to junk like this all the time and enjoy it.

I've even been yelling the 'Woah WO-AH!' from the end of this video in joy all afternoon. There may or may not be accompanying hand motions involved.

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Radicalpatriot said...

She is, in a word, a load. You'll hear more about the dress switch in Yokohama later.