Sunday, March 9, 2008

My day and my resulting realizations.

Today was actually a very productive Sunday despite the lost hour; I woke up (AT 11:15, STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS) and immediately finished a Spanish packet (adverbial clauses and the subjuntive, ugh) and recorded excerpts of my orchestra pieces to hand into my instructor.

Now for today's realizations.

I went on a long and gorgeous hike with my dad and dogs today, and I realized that the proper way to sneak up on a herd of deer is to stay behind trees and crawl on the ground (and even then, they'll most likely see/hear you and run), that hawks will sometimes attack shadows of inanimate objects, that you need to stay in valleys and behind tree-lines when you are trespassing for an exceedingly long time at a place where you will get arrested if spotted, that all golf courses are owned by Republicans, that racing moving cars can be really enjoyable, and that nature is a beautiful thing that doesn't get a quarter of the attention it deserves in this day and age.

After said hike, I played some 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' with my younger brother. Nothing was realized here except the ways to play the old Nintendo classic on a Wii-mote.

I was then told that I was allowed to accompany my mother to a viewing of her friend's mom. The atmosphere was surprisingly very relaxed, and my mom's friend (known to be a crier) held up extremely well. I realized here that funeral parlours are actually very nice places, the family of the deceased is not always sad, black doesn't need to be worn to a viewing, people will actually get portraits taken in anticipation of their death just so they can have an updated picture present at their viewing/funeral, casket-linings can have words embroidered on them, fingernails are removed once a person dies so that they can't grow any longer (this realization came as a kind of sudden thing I happened to spot while, uh, viewing the deceased), and that death does not seem like a scary thing or something to be terrified of.

The rest is not really made up of realizations, it's just fangirl blathering. Sometimes I like to connect my fandoms to my real life. :D :D :D :D

I "decorated" (read: stuck on pictures printed off of the computer) all of my white binders (Human Geography, Orchestra, and Spanish), and now they all have a different Chococat image on them! On a related note, I even have a Chococat cell-phone lanyard that I bought at Otakon attached to my phone. Yayayayayay Chococat!

Last week, I had a Humanities Scholarship interview at UMBC, my future college, and my interviewers were extremely curious about my musical interests. I was questioned about my singing and interest in Japanese and Korean music and my skills as a violist. I was then repeatedly told that I should compose music. Thinking on this, I became interested. If I ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER got the drive to do such a thing as compose music (BUT I NEED THE MOTIVATION FOR SUCH AN INVOLVED TASK, OH WOE), I would definitely arrange this early w-inds. song into an orchestral piece. IT WOULD BE SO BEAUTIFUL. I've even been thinking about which parts to give to which instruments and the balance involved, about the tempo (andante, allegro, largo, allegretto, and on and on) and rests, about the dynamics and crescendos and decrescendos, etc., etc.. IT WOULD BE AMAZING I TELL YOU, TRULY STELLAR. This song also seems like something I can completely relate to; the lyrics convey something that a Gemini can definitely empathize with.

Also, I was thinking about Prom, which is in a little over a month, and I ended up pondering the music to be played. I'm sure whatever the new 'Soulja Boy' is (ack ack ack ack, spit spit, retch) will be present multiple times (though I have no earthly idea what song this may be, and I don't care), I highly doubt any good music will be played. I'm sure it will be all rap and romantic junk. WHERE WILL THE DANCE MUSIC BE? IT WILL BE A DANCE, AND KNOWING THE PAST DANCES I'VE BEEN TO, THERE WILL BE NO DANCE MUSIC. WTF, DANCES, WTF.

So. In my mind, Prom's music will consist of all songs by ToyBox (the people who did the song 'Butterfly' on DDR Extreme 2; my friend, Laura, played more of their stuff in the car yesterday, and I liked what I heard), the Daft Punk song 'One More Time', and this Korean song (the true song doesn't start for awhile, but when it does, HELLO SEX IN SONG-FORM, PLZ TO BE PLAYED AT PROM, EVEN THOUGH YOU WON'T BE BECAUSE THE SCHOOL DISCRIMINATES AGAINST ANYTHING NOT IN ENGLISH).


I highly, highly doubt anything decent will be played at Prom, though, but I've got my fingers crossed.

At least 'The Cha-Cha Slide' is awesome.

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