Saturday, March 22, 2008

More JPop ranting lies ahead.

I know that I shouldn't get emotional over things like this, but I do. :3 It's probably because, for God only knows what reason, I like Hello!Project so much (seeing as they're my favorite Japanese girl-group factory, with AKB48 rising as a close second).

So, time for some pointless ranting.

As fans know and normal people don't, Dohhh!Up recently released the newest version, the 2008 version, of the Hello!Project All Stars song 'All for One & One for All' performed in concert. It made me very nostalgic (even though I don't really have a right to be; I wasn't a fan in 2004, when the original version was produced) because of just how many holes there are now.

The original 2004 version with subs:

This song introduces members in chronological order, based on when they joined Hello!Project. I'm stealing a guide from the YouTube comments that shows the entrance of the various groups and Momusu generations in order (note: Momusu was only up to sixth gen. by this point; that means no Koharu, Aika, JunJun, or LinLin).

Said guide, thanks to Celedam at YouTube:

00:14 — MM First Gen
00:25 — MM Second Gen
00:32 — Ayaka (Coconuts), Maki Goto (MM Third), Atsuko Inaba
00:37 — Melon Kinenbi, Asami Kimura (Country)
00:51 — MM Fourth Gen / W
00:59 — Yuki Maeda, Aya Matsuura
01:03 — MM Fifth Gen
01:10 — Miki Fujimoto (MM Sixth), Mai Satoda (Country)
01:31 — C-ute (H!P Kids)
01:38 — Berryz Koubou (H!P Kids)
01:45 — MM Sixth Gen
01:49 — Miuna (Country), v-u-den

Even in the original, there are some holes due to graduations, etc.. In first gen., there's no Fukuda Asuka or Ishiguro Aya, and in second gen., there's no Ichii Sayaka.

Now, the recent 2008 version (no subs):

There are obviously several differences here. I shall list them because it's oh-so necessary.

~Iida Kaori is now missing from the first gen.; only Nakazawa Yuko and Abe Natsumi are left.~

~THERE IS NO GOTO MAKI. Which means, consequently, THIRD GEN. IS NON-EXISTENT. In my opinion, Gocchin was one of the strongest presences, if not the strongest, in this entire spectacle. Something is definitely lost as a result. Notice how the camera doesn't focus on the soloists as a unit here, only separately; it's because it would look awkward without Gocchin leading the other two up to the front.

No, I'm not bitter, wut.~

~Fourth gen. is only half-complete. Honestly, this one breaks my heart. Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika come out, alone. THERE IS NO TSUJIKAGO. These two still manage to keep up the awesomeness that was/is fourth gen. here, but, once again, something's definitely missing.

I would've died if these two had left a wide gap between them and put their arms around air or something; not that that would've happened. Just sayin.~

~Fifth gen. is also only half-complete. Ai and Risa come out alone, when, WHAT, YOU ASK. KONNO IS IN THIS PERF. AS WELL, SHE'S OFF TO AI'S LEFT AT THIS POINT. I, AS A FAN, AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED THAT KONNO DID NOT COME OUT WITH AI AND RISA. She sings the fifth gen. lines with them, but it's not the same if they don't frolick out together.~

~No Fujimoto Miki. Satoda Mai sings alone.~

~Berryz Koubou, in green, is one less; no Ishimura Maiha.~

~C-ute, in pink, still has seven members. However, Murakami Megumi has graduated and Arihara Kanna has joined.~

~I know it's not part of the original version, but Koharu should've had a solo seventh gen. line. Similarly, Aika, JunJun, and LinLin should've had an eighth gen. line. They all prance out behind sixth gen. and the two-thirds of Biyuuden during their solo lines, so I know they're there.~

~Of course, the true solo lines are different. Yossie gets Aibon's solo (I approve of this), Reina gets Gocchin's, Eri gets Tsuji's, and Ai gets Mikitty's.~

Also, I think it's only appropriate that Yuko starts the "Thank You!" at the end, consdering she was Momusu's first leader and all.

And now my rant is done.


satrain18 said...

I wish they were wearing school uniforms at the time.....

satrain18 said...
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satrain18 said...
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Stupid Iz-iot said...

Like they did in the original? I agree, it would've been appropriate, but the concerts always use those fancy, sparkly, cracked-out outfits. :D