Thursday, March 6, 2008

I swear...

...that I'm truly not as much of a b-i-t-c-h as I came off as in my last post. I SWEAR ON MY NEW KITTY GYM CD.

No, but really. My conscience is strong, and I felt that I needed to inform the Internet that I can be a good person, srsly. Most of the time I am (if I do say so myself), but everybody has cynical days, right? :D

Anyway, KITTY GYM CAME. Or, I guess I should just say GYM CAME. After all, there is no evidence of any of the Johnny's Juniors that make up the Kitty portion of the name in the song itself or on the packaging. They seem to only back-dance in the PV. The CD case doesn't have any reference to them on it, nor does the inside pamphlet (unless I'm missing some characters somewhere, which is very likely) mention them anywhere.

It's going to be hard to wean myself from screeching about Kitty GYM to simply screeching about GYM; Kitty GYM had a nicer, weirder ring to it.

SPEAKING OF. I WAS NOT AWARE THAT THE CD INCLUDED A SONG SUNG ENTIRELY IN ENGLISH BY GOLF AND MIKE. I was scanning the lyrics booklet and happened upon an entire song in English, and I immediately flipped back to 'Fever to Future' to see if it had been translated as well. ALAS.

However, I still like 'Fever to Future' the best. :DV It has that upbeat feel to it that I seem to be drawn to, while the rest of the songs (a Yamapi solo, THE ENGRISH GOLF AND MIKE DUET, I CAN'T GET OVER THE CONCEPT, and another song sung by the three) are a little more relaxed. Relaxed is nice, don't get me wrong, it's just my personal preference that steers me toward fast-paced, exciting pieces.

Anyway, I showed my mother the CD case excitedly when she came home this afternoon, and she picked out Mike, saying, "I like this one..."

I, of course, flailed and rabidly complimented her on her taste in Thai JPop (AND ENGRISH) singers, until she said, "He looks like that gay kid from 'American Idol'. :D :D :D :D"

I simply stood there, stunned into silence, and after a long inward debate on the implications of this comment, I took it as a good thing. At least my mother approved, in some way, of my, uh, boyfriend...from Thailand...that sings in Japanese....AND ENGLISH.

Too bad Danny Noriega got kicked off tonight. I kinda liked his prissy, diva attitude, too. I want a hot, gay friend.

Edit: I HAD TO DO THIS, I AM SO PROUD OF MY NEW BABY. Ignore my incapabilities with my own camera; the flash is present many a time, sometimes predominantly. D:

ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL? That's my boyfriend on the right! Also, notice Yamapi's pimp-hat. Golf's just kinda there.

The CD itself; GYM is splashed across the top in big, bold letters, but where's the Kitty?

The picture on the first page of the pamphlet, not much different from the cover. It deserved a spot anyway, though.


MIKE! I LOVE THIS KID. I feel sorry to have cut his brother out of the picture, but what can I say? He actually does look surprisingly similar to Danny Noriega, though. :0

Well, I'm actually kinda tired, so I think I'll trot off to bed soon.


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