Sunday, March 16, 2008

Despite my somewhat negative commentary...

...I cannot stop watching the 'Resonant Blue' PV.

I wish I could be in Momusu so that I could be in PVs like this, BUT I'M NOT JAPANESE (or even Asian, at that), OH WOE.

I can only hold hope for my children, who will be an American (read: Irish/Austrian/German/other random European blood) and Thai mixed.

Maybe Momusu will have expanded into the entirety of Asia by that point.

BUT YES. The PV will not stop playing on my computer; I've even downloaded a version with English subtitles!

Fun fact: I've been trying to get my brother to tell me which member I look like (OF THE ONES THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY PICK OUT, THAT IS) in this PV (because I'm a vain whore, yay!), and whenever I start to play it, he leaves. He likes Momusu, but he hates when I play the "Which one do I look like!??1111!?" game with him.

It gets very tiring when he shuns me, but I'm used to it. :DV

Another, unJpop-related, fun fact: My cat just spazzed off of a chair in the kitchen, crashed into a basket, which unceremoniously followed him down the stairs, then he promptly smacked into the front outer-door, which opened because of the force at which he hit it, then this lovely ball of sunshine ricocheted down the rest of the stairs with wide eyes and a tail with the circumference of a standard-size baseball.

It was pretty epic.

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