Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend joy.

Oh my lord, I played SO MUCH Rock Band this weekend, it was unbelievable. I think that was the most American music that I've ever sung in my life; I even came out the other end of this weekend with an interest in the band FlyLeaf (it might have something to do with my joy in singing the song 'I'm So Sick' on Rock Band and having my brother's friend express his hate toward me for being able to sing like the original, that is, being able to sing in a "girly" voice - whaddya know?). When I went to bed on both Friday and Saturday night, I saw the vocal lines for Coheed and Cambria's 'Welcome Home' flashing across the back of my shut eyelids.

I even enjoy playing the drums; the guitar, both lead and bass, might even be my least favorite instrument now, even though I still get a kick out of trying to beat Lou, the Devil, in Guitar Hero 3.

So, anyway. I have a mission; like a little pansy (but an awesome little pansy, knock on wood), I'm trying to spend as much time with my family as possible before I graduate high school this May and most likely move away to college in late August. I went on a long (but extremely beautiful and dare I say it, mystical) hike with my dad and two dogs this afternoon. I'm more of the athletic kid of the family (my brother is the artsy one), and so I can keep up with the walk-beast that is my father quite decently.

And then earlier this evening, I went to go see Sweeney Todd again with my mom and brother when Dad was watching football (and I saw Stacey and her mom and sister there, how coincidental). I could pay more attention the second time around because I knew when the gory parts were coming and wasn't sitting with my hands directly below my eyes the entire time. Oh, bliss.

And so, to make this post even longer and more ramble-y, I must also mention that I watched the entirety (2 hours, 17 minutes, and 2 seconds for those at home) of the Morning Musume 4th Generation audition footage between late last night and early this morning. When I first got into Momusu (around February of last year), I liked 3rd Gen. simply because I was a Goto Maki fan. Then, I became a 5th Gen. fan because I really liked Niigaki Risa (who is still my Momusu favorite, I might add). However, I think I'm now officially a 4th. Gen. fan; 4th Gen. was all-around made of pure awesome and pwnage (Goto Maki's not even in H!P anymore, and 5th Gen. has Takahashi Ai, ugh). I love(d) every single 4th Gen. member, though, all the way from Yossie, resident Momusu "pretty-boy" and who I believe to have been the best Momusu leader ever to Rika AKA Charmy, now the leader of Biyuuden and doing a kick-arse job at it to Kago and Tsuji, the "terrible twins" of Momusu and eventual members of W.

Actually, my favorite part of the 4th Gen. audition footage was the KagoTsuji interaction. You could see them already acting as friends even when there were ten finalists left, and when Tsunku picked Kago to join Momusu, the camera cut to Tsuji, who had an expression of "Okay, she made it in. Man, I hope I'm next." Then, after Tsunku's selected three had been picked for 4th Gen. (Rika, Aibon, Yossie), he announced that he was adding an extra member on the spot. He then called out for Tsuji, and...and...I cried. I freakin' cried. As the wuss I am, I bawled because 4th Gen. was now made of perfection.

That said, Nono's my favorite from 4th Gen. simply because she was the "leftover one", the underdog, and she knew that; she used it, even, to her advantage and climbed to the top, right alongside Aibon, who had started out dazzling.

Thus, I will end this excessively long update with a dance-shot W video, perhaps my favorite W video, because it was their last, and I think it was where Tsuji had finally grown equal to, or even surpassed, Aibon in stealing the show.

(It makes me really want to find a friend and learn the dance to this; I need an Aibon to my Nono (I'm thinking of recruiting my friend, Becka, who knows nothing of JPop and just being like, "Here, do this, and I'll love you forever"). Yes, I would want to be Nono (the one with the redder hair and in the short shirt and shorts) for reasons stated above. I actually kinda know the dance somewhat, considering I smacked into the bathroom door while attempting to do it in front of the mirror the other morning before school. :D :D :D)

Edit: I just realized a dumb mistake: Kago's no longer in H!P, and Tsuji's position is questionable, so I really shouldn't have used that Goto schtick above (I still love Gocchin!: 3rd and 4th Gens. rock, but 4th Gen. is slightly more awesome with that whole group dynamic and all).

Just needed to clear that up.


Muffie said...

Why would you ask Becka when she knows nothing about j-pop in the first place?

*is slightly offended*

**scowls darkly**



Stupid Iz-iot said...

Because those that do know about JPop shun it/me.

As proven. :D :D :D

Plus, I highly doubt you (or Caitlin or Alyssa) would want to do a W dance with me in the first place. :3