Friday, January 11, 2008

Prom dresses? Already?

Why, yes. I work at a bridal shop, and so I have been told repeatedly that I need to pick my dress NOW (yeah, in January, when the prom's actually in April), so that I get it before other people pick the one I want. So me and my two friends, Laura (who also works at the store) and Stacey (whose parents run the store), went after school to try on dresses.

About an hour and a half after three-person, half-naked flailing in a huge, mirror-filled bridal dressing-room, I think I know what I want. At least, it seemed that everybody in the store liked it on me, and my mom likes what I showed her from the booklet. ^_^'

It's this dress:

except in periwinkle. :D I tried on a size 20 today (the only one in stock, haha, and it had to be clipped in about three different places) and drowned. I'm going to need to order one that fits right, and thus, pay more. ;_;

At least I get a discount. :DV

Anyway, now I'm just sitting at home debating on whether or not I should play Super Mario Galaxy. I was thinking of going to see Sweeney Todd again, but my friend, Brooke, never replied to my e-mails, and I don't have her phone number. D:

Oh well. My brother's friends are coming over later to spend the night, and we're planning on playing Rock Band. :3 And I get to be vocals. Yay.

So, yeah. Me and three fourteen year-old boys are going to make a party of it.

In other news, Wonder Girls' song 'Tell Me' is one of the most extremely addicting things I have ever listened to. I don't even like it as a song that much, but I continually seek it out because of how addictive it is. I can understand now why the entirety of Korea is attempting to learn the dance.

Plus, the PV contains grannies pushing baby carriages in front of oncoming school buses and old men (naked except for shifty-looking trench-coats) hiding in girls' locker-room lockers and flashing them excitedly.

Good game, Korea, good game.

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