Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy and random.

So. This (short, thank the lord) week is mid-term week, and I'm kinda dying. I took the AP Calculus AB midterm today and pretty much spaced out throughout the entire thing. D: My teacher, beamingly, informs us that we are supposed to feel as if we failed it, but I really don't like that feeling at all.

Anyway, on a lighter note, my brother, ever the kid to taunt me about my obsession with all things JPop/KPop, proclaimed today that he hates his current hair and wants it cut like semi-oldschool KiBum of Super Junior (on the left, please ignore the disaster that is red-headed HeeChul here):

I just love teasing my brother about something he likes regarding a Super Junior member. And, after going through my small and extremely unorganized SuJu image folder (one day I just randomly decided to go on a SuJu saving binge, haha), I have the overwhelming urge to post a KangTeuk picspam (along with some beautiful .gifs I have of the pair, squee). :3

Oh, and I was browsing YouTube for a short time today after school (and feel the need to constantly embed videos of my interest, but it's my blog, so hey), and I found a performance of the new Morning Musume (with Yossie and Miki and sans JunJun and LinLin) that was actually amazing.

I hold to the fact that it is so amazing because it covered a medley of legendary Momusu songs ('LOVE Machine', 'The PEACE!', and 'Renai Revolution 21', respectively), and Risa and Eri got to sing almost as much as they deserve to regularly. :O

Now, if only Koharu had, like, no solo lines at all (maybe replaced with Aika), this performance would've been close to perfect.

Ugh, I need to at least glance over my notes for AP Spanish and Orchestra (somewhat). /rage&fury

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