Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's actually snowing here! 'Cept, hatefully, it's on the first day of our five-day weekend, meaning that we most likely will not get out of school next Tuesday. >_<

Midterms are finished, and I'm not sure how I did on any of them, and I'd rather not look. (Technically, I'm not done with my Anatomy&Physiology midterm, though; we have to present those horrid epidemiology projects to the class, and my teacher is going in a random order, and I go first next class, dang.)

Today I couldn't sleep in like I wanted; I had a dentist appointment at frickin' 8:30 in the morning (no cavities, though, yay!). Then, I came home, read a beast amount of Dickens' Great Expectations, and took a shower. I now plan on watching SuJu's 'Exploration of the Human Body' (I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet, still with DBSK!) or my newly-downloaded episodes of 'Yukan Club'. Either way, it's all good.

And I'm getting really PO-ed that I can't find English translations for the lyrics to the extra songs on the regular edition of the NewS single 'weeeek' ('with me' and 'Rainbow', that is). It doesn't go over well when you type in 'news weeeek' on Google; even when you add 'jpop', 'johnny's', 'yamapi', and other variations to try and narrow it down a bit, it doesn't comprehend.

Oh well. I can probably find them in a LiveJournal community or something.

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