Thursday, January 10, 2008

My ups&downs.

Again, here I am during epidemiology time (it's due tomorrow, actually), and I'm wandering around the Internet instead. D:

Anyway, today a travesty occurred! I was sitting in English class listening to my teacher rant about the poem "To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time", and I was fiddling with my semi-new YehSung headset necklace. And. And! It broke. I guess I kinda deserved it because I kept bending the sides back, but I thought it did that on its own: I must've been forcing it. An entire headphone broke off, and I'm going to see if my dad can fix it tonight. :3

Now, on a good note! I found out that my newest YesAsia order, Hey!Say!JUMP's single 'Ultra Music Power' has been shipped! Squee. It had been backordered (for whatever reason) to be shipped on the 18th, but my cries and summons for it obviously made it come sooner than planned.

Man, I love me some screechy Chinen Yuri. Can't wait to hear that little, prepubescent voice through my CD player.

Lord, my neighbor keeps racing some little toy car back&forth, back&forth, back&forth, and it's driving me crazy! @_@ It's not like it's even a little kid; it's a grown man, and he's been at this for about an hour.

I just may cry if I hear it one more time.


Muffie said...

I'm in ur streetz, racin' mah carz.


Every time the words 'Hardcore Mother-Beast' go through my head, I die a little more inside.

And I hope you know who I am, by the way. Apparently you can pick out my writing style from miles away.

Stupid Iz-iot said...

Oh, I know who you are. You little motherbeast you. :D

Yeah, I can pick out your writing style, what gave you that impression? Maybe that time I fell (kinda) into your Gaia trap?

I'm going to come visit you page, haha. And how did you get an icon-thing?

Stupid Iz-iot said...

Oh, wait. I swear I know what I'm doing.

Most of the time.

Stupid Iz-iot said...

*your page

I feel the constant need to correct myself, sorry.