Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If I were a guy (and Korean), I would want to look just like DongHae and act just like HeeChul, both of whom are from SuJu. :D

Especially in this MV, these two pwn the universe.

DongHae starts off the song (he's at the very front at the extreme start; the first one focused on entirely, and he's wearing dark clothes), and he's seen several times throughout the whole thing; I follow him the most, really.

And, then there's HeeChul. My frickin' FAVORITE SuJu member from Day One. He sings at :57, which starts off the second verse. Then, he also starts off the last verse, and he sticks his tongue out. HE IS SUCH A CAMERA-WHORE, BOTH VIDEO AND NORMAL, AND I WISH I COULD TRAVEL TO KOREA AND FIND HIM.

That's not to say it wouldnt't be awesome to be him as well. Or at least have that awesome personality, as a I mentioned before. HE PUTS ON THE PANDA HEAD AT THE END AFTER BASICALLY RIPPING IT FORCEFULLY OFF OF (SPOILER--->) LEETEUK'S (<---SPOILER) HEAD.

Plus, the MV is funny because SungMin in that red thing amuses me to no end.

I love me some Korean children dancing outside of a school to promote a movie about school-boys and feces, that I do.

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