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Let's clear this out of the way: I'm not an Only13-fangirl-obsessive-psycho-creature™, but I do have some sentiments toward the thirteen members that I have come to think of as Super Junior. I've got nothing against Henry and this Zhou Mi kid, but it feels kinda weird seeing these two acting as members of Super Junior (rather than Henry acting in 'Don't Don' as merely the "violin kid").

That's where the I-guess-but-maybe-not-really-I-might-just-be-biased-toward-the-original-'U'-"cast" feeling of "hate" came from; it's not really grounded.

On the other hand...this is one of the absolutely hottest things I have seen in quite some time.

The song:
The song sounds the same, obviously, as it's a cover, and Ryeowook and KyuHyun were added to Super Junior M most likely because of their voices. They sound stellar, and it seems that the two of them (and maybe DongHae) get the abundance of lines.

ShiWon and Hankyung get the first and second solos, respectively, just like in the original, which is awesome. Then Ryeowook gets his solo, and then I stopped caring really about the distribution. :D

I know KyuHyun took HeeChul's solo, which he executed nicely and all, but...he's no HeeChul.


The MV:
I adore the black&white! The ceiling/floor in the dance-shot is kinda odd, but it's also still cool nonetheless. Sometimes, it looks like the setting is an airport, though.

I have always loved the use of mirrors to increase the aesthetic value of basically anything, and it works here very well.

I like the suits.

Both versions of 'U' have random girls (well, somewhat random) in them, but in this one, THE GIRL IS INTERACTED WITH, WUT.

I agree with the hordes of fangirls in that the hands-on-shoulder swivel-move line at the end is pretty epic. At least, it's boyband epic.

The members:

HanGeng/HanKyung - I thought this would be his MV, being the Chinese SuJu member and all, but DongHae, Ryeowook, and KyuHyun appear more than he does. D: However, in my opinion, he ties for hottest/most charismatic here. He is the first one shown entirely, and he gets a dance solo! His first black&white shot at the beginning is also amazing. I love his expression when he whips his head around at :11-:12.

ShiWon: Eh, he's always been kinda mediocre for me, and he's mediocre to me here, too. I mean, he's cool and all, but he doesn't really stick out. He does get the first line, though, just like in the original.

RyeoWook: He looks like such a baby here! I know he's the baby of SuJu and all, and maybe it's the hair-style, but seriously. He looks like he could break. His voice is completely fantastic, though, and he carries out all his difficult lines while looking like an angel the entire time (3:04-:05, for instance).

KyuHyun: He sings marvelously, and he gets a lot of shots, but, like ShiWon, he doesn't really stand out to me. I can't explain why. I was just kinda like "Oh, there's KyuHyun. Ryeowook looks cute. KyuHyun again. DONGHAE. Oh, Kyuhyun."

DongHae: Easily my favorite in this MV. I'm slightly biased, but so what. >:D He looks, dare I say it, beautiful here. I also love his rap (he raps second (originally KiBum's), Zhou Mi is first); when did his voice get so deep?! He ties with HanKyung for the most charismatic (you tell me that 1:18-:25 isn't just oozing charisma!)

Henry: YAY, VIOLIN KID. He gets a violin solo here (which is rockin'), and he sings really well! He's also very, very adorable (3:38)! I think he has a lot of potential, but I don't know how he should, uh, fulfill said potential.

Zhou Mi: I don't really know a lot about this kid. Not to sound rude (not like I already haven't before though, haha), but this guy is pretty fugly. He sings/raps well, but his eyes scare me. His overall face scares me, actually.


YET. Nothing can really compare to the original 'U'. I guess it's this way with all covers (I kinda liked H.O.T's 'Haengbok' more than SuJu's, even), and I always have liked the original better than any sequel in regard to movies and books.

The original 'U' was the first Super Junior MV I ever saw (after I typed 'Super Junior' into the DailyMotion search and clicked the first thing that came up), and I loved it DESPITE ITS EXTREMELY TYPICAL BOYBAND AURA.

I remember scanning YouTube comments (there. were. thousands. my. lanta.) to specifically find out who the girly boy with the tarot card was that I had fallen in love with upon my very first viewing (it was HeeChul, obviously!), and it all went downhill, or uphill, whichever, from there.

Without further ado, the original, because it holds a super-special place in my fangirl heart:

I forgot just how much I enjoy eyeliner!KiBum's presence.

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