Saturday, April 12, 2008


This is exactly what I had been waiting for! ♪

The song has always been completely and utterly awesome, and now I love the PV! I liked the dance well enough, but my thoughts on the PV as a whole (mainly the various members' amount of shots, or lack thereof) were iffy.


I'm so glad I ordered this single! I even got the edition with the Studio Shot Version (Limited Edition B), which looks like it'll be awesome. :D


I took a break from writing this (approximately a seven-hour break), and now I'm tired.

I was going to post a lot more about this PV (it's definitely in my top 5 of Momusu PVs, maybe even my top 3!), but it's so late, so I'll just say a few things.

Koharu was SO impressive. I loved her interview parts.

This song really fits Reina and Aika. I think it suits them the most. Their night-scenes were the most effective, in my opinion.

I especially loved how the "Help me! Help me! Help me..." lines (near the end) were played, and the PV showed only Reina's face; it seemed to imply that while she was staring the camera in the eye (read: lens), inside, she was crying out for help. I think that this PV portrays all the girls as being full of a "resounding sadness", but they keep up a facade. The end shows all of them standing and just staring at the camera, and I love that part. It shows that while walking, waiting for the train, eating with friends, working out, being at an amusement park with friends, getting a ride home, and even being interviewed and featured in the spotlight, a person can feel an echoing despair inside.

I really love this PV. Like I said, I always loved the song and the dance, but now I love how the studio-version dance is interchanged with the original dance-version, and the lonely shots of all of the members more than give off the essence of this song.

Then, Reina even smirks at the end before walking off, almost like she may feel all of this sadness, but the last thing she'll ever do is show it, despite the inward calls for help, much less show it to the person watching the PV. She's going to continue keeping up the facade.

I adore this PV so much!

This should mark a new generation in Momusu's history. ★

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Momotarō said...

I too hear the echoes of despair from the deep dark recesses of my mind ;)