Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm at a quandry.

I don't know whether or not /b/ has taken things too far with this.

I do feel like a terrible person for laughing at some of those pictures, though.


Muffie said...

Please don't tell me this is the first time you've heard of An Hero. -_-

Heather at Safeway enjoyed calling Alyssa and I 'An Heroes' after we would do something retarded at work, and when I went to look it up for the first time I was like 'O__O'.

It just goes to show you that 4chan-ers are all a bunch of sardonic, heartless bastards.

Stupid Iz-iot said...

No, this definitely isn't the first time I've heard of 'An Hero'; it's just the first time I read this 'article'.