Thursday, January 1, 2009

A potential return?

Jump for joy, everyone, I may be coming back here for awhile. ☀

You know how I get with blogs; my LiveJournal has been inactive for months now, and I think I like this blog better overall. Though, I still frequently use LJ for things like communities and stalking other journals. >:D I just don't update my own.

So yeah, the date. It's January 1, 2009. Amazing, isn't it? 1999 was ten years ago (as /b/ so kindly informed me earlier this morning). But the important part is the former. January 1. A day for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Hence, why I chose today to re-activate this journal.

Let's get this party started. Who knows how long (or how short, rather) it'll last this time around?

(I regret giving this link out as it contains personal information, but when it comes to online accounts, I am definitely the most active on my FaceBook. I also regret giving this link away because it means that I have stooped down to the social networking site of the masses. But hey, it's honestly a good way of keeping in touch with old high school friends and following what's going on with a bunch of different people.)

I really need to stop procrastinating on packing; I leave for a week in Massanutten sometime tomorrow with my friends Kristen and Brooke (along with the rest of Kristen's family). I managed to drag a duffel bag out of my parents' closet and onto the floor of my room before I got distracted.

Edit: Forgot to wish whoever may be reading this a happy new year! I know I welcomed 2009 by perusing Marauder-Era (with some SiriusXRemus) Harry Potter fanfiction; I have big plans for this year.

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